Fly Tying Patterns: Craig's Night TIme Variant

Ace of Spades - Fly Tying Pattern
  • Hook: Long Shank #8 - 12
  • Thread: Black 8/0
  • Tail: Red Wool
  • Rib: Silver Tinsel or Oval
  • Body: Black Chenille
  • Wing: Pukeko Flank
  • Throat Hackle: Guinea Fowl

  • Tying Difficulty: Beginner
  • Tied by D. Howard
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Ace of Spades - Fly Tying Pattern

Devised by Eric Craig in the 1930s, Craig's Night Time is a popular New Zealand pattern for night-time Trout and orignally used on the North Island's largest lake, Lake Taupo.

The wing is blue breast feather of the Pukeko Bird - a bird native to New Zealand, but because of difficulty obtaining these feathers outside of New Zealand, Pheasant is often substituted.

The Craig's Night Time can be fished in small sizes on a floating line or in larger sizes on a sinking line.

Note: This pattern chould be tied with a single JC cheek on top of the wing - thanks to Alan Shepherd from Tasmania for pointing this out.