Fly Tying Patterns: Para - Damsel

Spent Damsel - Fly Tying Pattern
  • Hook: Grub Hook #8 - 12
  • Thread: Black or Dark Blue 8/0
  • Detached Body: Blue Antron Wool
  • Body: Blue Seals Fur Sub
  • Hackle : Genetic Grizzle Hackle tied around an antron thread post.

  • Tying Difficulty: Upper Beginner
  • Tied by D. Howard
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Damsels are prevalent on most UK waters during the summer months and fishing a damsel nymph pattern is usually a sure-fire method of catching trout.

This particular pattern is fished on a floating line as a "spent" damsel (see also the spent damsel pattern). After breeding, damsels fall exhausted onto the water and once the trout notice, top-of-the-water action can be prolific.

The detached body is formed by twisting a 6" piece of antron and allowing it to double back on itself forming a twisted rope and a light coat of head cement gives it some structural stability.