Tie Team; the Branch's friendly tying competition for novices aided by experienced tyers

The January meeting is all about team work and fly tying - it's called "Tie Team".

Our popular friendly competition, the idea behind Tie Team is that an experienced tyer is teamed with a novice or less-experienced tyer and they have to tie a range of patterns of their choosing using only a Hook and materials from a small list that all tyers should have - including novice tyers. Materials include; English or French Partridge Hackles, any Quill Fibres, Peacock Sword, Eye or Quill, any Cape or Saddle, any Tinsel, Wire or other Ribbing Material, any Fur, Wool or Dubbing Material and any Pheasant Materials (Hen or Cock).

During just 2 hours, both tyers in the team have to tie the same patterns for which there are prizes for; Best Team Tying, Best Dry Pattern, Best Nymph Pattern, Best Wet Pattern, Best Lure or Innovative Pattern.

The patterns are judged by the Branch's more experienced tyers at the end of the evening and points are awarded dependant upon complexity and the neatness of the Patterns.

What can you tie from just these materials?

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